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Log Lion is a productivity tool for viewing and analyzing log files.  Log Lion empowers your developer, support, testing, and IT staff by increasing their productivity.  Designed to reduce wait times by taking advantage of modern processors and available amounts of RAM.


A log file is a history of events written to a file. Many applications use these files to record their activity for later diagnostics. Use Log Lion to dissect and analyze these files quickly.

You can bookmark, limit the viewable range, copy-n-paste in RTF & HTML, colorize entries, syntax highlight content, search, and filter.  Log Lion is a multi-threaded application that will complete tasks in the background while notifying you of its progress and allowing you to cancel long operations.  Log Lion makes good use of regular expressions allowing you to form complex matches and parse sub data.  Tools allow you to analyze and visualize your data.

Log Lion is the best and most productive log viewing application.

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